The Arts

Beth Haven Christian School provides enriching experiences in the performing and visual arts with at least two musical public performances each year. Our music program includes a high school praise and worship band that assists in our weekly worship services. Music and Arts curricula are offered for Kindergarten through high school. The high school also includes drama, multi-media classes, and a yearbook staff.

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Community Service

Beth Haven, from an early age, works to instill the values of selfless community service in our student body. Each year student in middle and high school participate in community service by serving for over 20 hours during serve week in the Spring. While elementary students may not serve for nearly the same length of time; they instead spend their time learning songs to perform in the community, or crafts to give to specific servant-minded organizations, such as hospitals, emergency personnel, or nursing homes, in the local area. Upper elementary classes may also help the lower elementary classes with projects and other activities.

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Students in middle and high school have the opportunity to participate in Jr. BETA, or BETA Club by maintaining a quality GPA and meeting the annual community volunteer requirements. High school students can go a step farther than BETA Club by entering the Nation Honors Society. Participation in the NHS requires outstanding character, a high GPA, and a much greater commitment to selfless volunteerism. Visit the BETA Club page.