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Our Beth Haven App is now available to install on most devices by using the appropriate linked button above for your needs or searching for “beth haven” in either the iTunes or Google Play store.

App2cThe app allows users to quickly connect to Beth Haven Christian School with easy access to the BHCS website and its online social channels, as well as FACTS and iNOW, the Parent/Student Handbook, the School Staff Directory, BHCS News and Weather feeds, a Daily Devotional and Various Calendars we provide and work to keep updated— including the Base School Calendar, Upcoming Events Calendar, Facilities Use Calendar, plus the Current Lunch Menu/Calendar.

The app programming  also includes an automatic notification feature that can alert you to late-breaking news such as school closings and more. The user has the option to turn off the automatic notifications (use settings icon) while still being able to access directly through the app. (see image).

Also included is a “Note” feature that will allow you to quickly create and save notes that you can access or delete later (see image).

We hope you enjoy using the app and hope it becomes a valuable tool for you.


 Posted on : January 23, 2016 - Last updated on Feb 23, 2016